The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast

Ep 70: Anubis and The Hat Man: In the Shadows

October 13, 2023 Season 7 Episode 70
The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast
Ep 70: Anubis and The Hat Man: In the Shadows
Show Notes

We hear of one woman's experiences with shadow people. The first appears as Anubis the Egyptian Protector god, while the other is a well-known archetype:  The Hat Man - an entity who has appeared to many people and is traditionally seen as malevolent...though the story shared in this episode provides another perspective. 

There is a trigger warning for those who may find it hard to listen to my guest describe her unhappy childhood and the content itself is rather unnerving. Skip this one if you are sensitive to creepy content. 


In the exclusive bonus episode on Patreon, our guest describes a more recent mind-blowing experience which was hugely transformative.  Some kind of force poured through her body and took her directly to experience what I refer to as 'Source'. Since that time, her life has taken a new direction. She finds herself in a long-lasting happy relationship pursuing what she feels she was born to do - helping others.


Content warning: These are not fairytales and the content is unsuitable for children. Some episodes may contain details which some may find unsettling or frightening. The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast is designed for listeners 16 years and older.

Podcast intro music: Transmutate by Snowflake (c) copyright 2020 Licensed. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Green Man Artwork: Peter Hall Studios

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